About Tia Translates

Hi! Do you need a professional Finnish translator? Great, you’re in the right place.

I am a professional Finnish translator, editor, proofreader, reviser and copywriter. I graduated with a Master´s Degree in Multilingual Communication. After graduating, I have spent the most of my time working in Berlin and in Luxembourg. Currently, I live half of the time in Finland and half of the time in Luxembourg.

When translating, I always take the target group into account so that the message of each source text is correctly delivered. I am very well aware of the linguistic changes and variations as I constantly keep myself up to date on this topic. I have never missed a deadline regardless of tight schedules and I adapt very quickly to the terminology used in the respective organisation. 

I have experience in translating very technical texts such as user manuals, translating texts for SEO purposes, email marketing letters, blogs, YouTube video subtitles and product descriptions from English and German into Finnish. Furthermore, I am familiar with translating various types of documents relating to the activities of the European Parliament, where I also successfully completed a six-month traineeship.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,
Tia Pesonen